Transom Teak

Above the transom there is a teak cap rail.  This teak is split down the middle into two pieces and ours had seen better days.  Here are a couple images from 2016 when I first removed the wood: As you can see, a lot of work was needed to restore this teak so I set … More Transom Teak

Quality Hardware

Recently I’ve been re-reading Nigel Calder’s “Boatowner’s Mechanical and Electrical Manual.”  It’s pretty easy to see why tinned copper boat wire is better than regular old copper stranded wire but what has really struck me this time around was how much emphasis he puts on buying “marine” hardware and “marine” electronics.  A lot of the … More Quality Hardware

New Bow Roller

Over the last few years I have become less and less enchanted with Facebook.  I was one of the original Facebook users, back when you still had to have a verified .edu email address from a handful of schools across the country.  I was in college and it seemed pretty cool.  Then everyone started using … More New Bow Roller

Cockpit Teak

As we all know the Alberg 37 is a classic looking boat.  At this point I think she is even considered a classic in her own right – if not, she will be soon as these great boats are not going anywhere.  The sheer and overhangs contribute to this look considerably but the teak accents … More Cockpit Teak

Forward Hatch Base

The last time I posted about the forward hatch was three years ago.  Make sure to take a look at Forward Hatch to see where we left off.  Since then I have built up the base and sanded it down again several times, trying to get the desired look and strength.  Recently, I felt comfortable … More Forward Hatch Base

Side Deck Faired!

Last week I wrote about the process of fairing the side deck that has been going off and on for the last three years.  Today, I was determined to finish the job and get a coat of primer on the epoxy to protect it from UV.   When we left off I put down one last … More Side Deck Faired!

A great surprise!

Over the last few weeks I have been cleaning out the storage shed in preparation for moving the sails back in to a new home on the shelves.  While moving things around I came across a big black tool box.  When I went to move it, I found it was quite heavy.  It was also … More A great surprise!

New Workshop

A really nice part about our new home is that it has a detached workshop and potting shed, both with power. Recently I’ve been working on them; I’ve replaced the roof on the potting shed and built out some workbenches in there as well.  I also built a new workbench in the main workshop that … More New Workshop