2 thoughts on “Installing new cleats on the bow

  1. Hey, haven’t seen much of boat progress lately, hope all’s well.
    Wondering if you may have some knowledge here on my main sail.
    she is a mk11, my sail is luff 37.3, foot 15.
    Google browse shows it should b 38.5, foot 17.5
    but my boom will only track a 15ft foot .
    is there different sail sizes , mine i believe was a ketch, as there is chain plates for mizzen mast, but no plate for one , kind of at a lost , need a new sail,
    figured if any one knew, you were the man.
    Thanks, from Ontario, Tom


  2. Tom, Thanks for the comment! The sloop version of the boat has a very long boom, 17.5 seems about right. However many owners have since installed more reasonable booms around 15′ long. In addition, the sailplan for the yawl version is different than the sloop and does include a smaller main. So this may be what you are running into. I would work with a good sail maker who can come out and measure and make you a perfect sail for your boat instead of trying to find measurements online and hope they match up to reality. I believe you will actually like the smaller main but its all personal preference. As for us – we had some unexpected life changes that forced us to sell our Alberg quickly. We are now living in New Jersey and are boatless 😦 The new owners have finished fixing her up and sent me a picture of them sailing off the coast of Florida a few days ago, so its great to know shes in good hands and finally made it back to the water!


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