A request for assistance

It is not easy for me to ask for help.  As a matter of fact, I would go as far as to say that I pride myself in not asking for help.  I really enjoy overcoming challenges and feel like I learn a lot from the struggle.  That said, I know when I’ve been maxed out and in situations like these it is important to reach out for assistance.

Erin and I started this blog in July of 2015 as an easy way to share our plans and dreams with our family and friends.  The blog quickly gained a lot of interest from fellow Alberg 37 owners and boat lovers alike.  I started getting emails from people all over the world asking questions and I realized that there was something more here… I have really tried to make the blog useful to others who may be working on a boat or thinking about doing the same thing.  Over the last two years I have gotten a lot of requests to start making videos and as you all know we have made that transition recently.  Based on the feedback we’ve gotten, its been a huge success and we will keep it up!

Unfortunately, with the uncertainty of my new employment situation that I briefly discussed in the last video, we are feeling a bit constrained recently.  Erin and I have really tightened up our budget to an extreme and we are cutting costs wherever we can.  This blog is not terribly expensive but it does have a cost.  I’d like to share some of that information with you for full transparency.

The blog itself costs $114/year – this pays for all the storage for the pictures, the hosting, and the domain name.  Since starting the blog, I have spent $3,253.38 on camera gear to ensure that the quality of the images that I’m bringing you are excellent and captivating.  Now that we are making videos I have realized that I have no more storage on my computer and we will need to buy an external hard drive.  Working out on the boat there is a lot of wind noise that gets picked up by the cameras and ruins videos completely because you cannot even hear what I am saying at points.  To resolve this we will need to purchase an on camera microphone that can block wind noise.  One day, I’d like to get a proper video camera instead of using the DSLR’s that have a 20 minute time limit to the footage.  This will increase the quality of the videos and allow us to do cool things like time lapse shots and so on.

I feel it’s important for all of you to know the information above because I would like to ask for your help in creating this content.  I’d like to be very upfront that any assistance you provide will be used to create better videos that will not only be entertaining but educational.  I have a dream of being able to support others who want to work on their good old boats and get them ready for a voyage that will change their lives forever.  The shared dream is to sail around the world, but it can sometimes be a hard road to get there.  I feel like sometimes people give up because it seems too overwhelming and if we can be of service to get them over that hurdle that is a powerful gift.

In order to reach our goals we have created a Patreon account.  This support model has proved to be very effective for many creators including others who are working on boats or sailing around the world.  We have kept our support tiers low, starting at just $3 per episode so that it will be accessible for those who choose to assist us.  We also have some higher tier options that come with special offers that may be of interest to some.  Our highest tier is only $10 per episode but comes with a one on one consulting opportunity with me.  I hope this will provide extraordinary value to someone trying to make their own dream come true.  Usually consulting like this costs around $100/hour with all sorts of minimums and other catches thrown in… I know because I have tried to obtain knowledge from others in the past and run into these high cost roadblocks.  We are not interested in making money off of anyone, we just want to make the work we are doing self sustaining.  I am happy to put in the extra hours and time to make that happen but it will not work without your help.

If you’d like to help support our goals of providing value to others please check out our Patreon page here: Sailing With Alliance Patreon.

Or if you are already convinced you would like to support our efforts, Become a Patron!

If you’d like, you may also give us a custom donation using the link below:

Thank you so much!!

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