Portlight Haul!

A huge thank you to Scott whom you read about in this post back in January!

I randomly received a text from Scott with a link to a Portland, Oregon Craigslist post for some New Found Metals portlights.  I didn’t know what to think at first but noticed that the guy who posted the add clearly said he’s not shipping – local pickup only.  So why is Scott sending me this?  I was curious anyhow, it seemed like a good deal and they looked really similar to the ports I needed to buy.  The person who posted the add was parting out and cutting up a Bob Perry designed Valiant 40.  Ouch!  Bob Perry is my favorite boat designer and the Valiant 40 is a beautiful classic – I don’t know if I can take part in this…

As it turns out the boat was one of the Uniflite builds in which they used a special fire retardant resin that ended up causing some bad blistering problems.  According to the owner, this particular boat was so bad that when you popped some of the blisters you could practically stick your finger through the rest of the way and there were hundreds of them like this.  OK – tragedy as it might be, I will take a look and see if these ports are even the right size… they sure did look like it.

About the same time I was driving out to the boat to check the size of our recent port install Scott called me to see what I thought about the link he had sent over.  “I think they will work!” I said “but they are in the exact opposite side of the country and the guys not shipping… are you there or something?”  To my amazement, he was!  And… he was willing to pick the ports up for us and drag them all the way back to North Carolina.  Woah! Ok, let’s do this…

2019-04-22 13.13.54a.jpg

I measured the new port we bought from New Found Metals and installed last year and it looked like the ones the guy was selling were the right size!  I told Scott to go for it 🙂

A couple days later Scott called me way after my bed time to let me know that he was able to grab all five portlights that we needed!!  Woo hoo!! We got them for $150 bucks each and now have everything we need to finish this part of the refit.

When Scott got back in town I went over and picked up all five portlights – some of which he carried accross the country in his carry on luggage!  All of which the TSA insisted on running through the scanners individually because they had no clue what they were! hahaha.  Like I said, THANK YOU Scott!! 🙂

2019-04-22 12.45.51a.jpg

The first chance I got, I took them out to the boat just to make sure they were the right ones… haha.  They were!

The ports are the older style of what we ordered last year and they are not tinted glass like we ordered, but that is totally fine, we will just stick the new, tinted one in the head and the rest will go out in the main cabin and forepeak, that way they all match.  The differences are very subtle anyhow, I’m not sure anyone would even see it but me.

2019-04-22 13.18.19a.jpg

Here they are all waiting to be installed!  Who knows when I will have time for that, but I’m just glad to know that this major expense is out of the way and that we got such a great deal 🙂  I will buy three more teak bases from New Found Metals as well as stainless steel screens for all of them.  The two ports in the forepeak will not have teak bases – there is not enough room.

2019-04-22 13.20.19a.jpg

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