New Bow Roller

Over the last few years I have become less and less enchanted with Facebook.  I was one of the original Facebook users, back when you still had to have a verified .edu email address from a handful of schools across the country.  I was in college and it seemed pretty cool.  Then everyone started using facebook – it became a way to keep up with “friends” who, in another era, would have been called former acquaintances.  About the time that they introduced the “timeline” I was loosing interest.  A while after that I just realized it was becoming a major time suck.  Since that time I have deleted it off my phone and primarily use it to distribute blog posts.

Whenever I am on Facebook to post a blog post, I make sure to check in with all the sailing groups.  First and foremost I check Robert Perry’s Fan Group, then move on to Sailing and Cruising, Bluewater Sailing and Cruising, Sewing on Boats, and a few others.  Over the years you get to know the major personalities on these groups and Don Green and his work has always stood out to me.  Don makes really great sheaves and bow rollers among his famous boom brake and other boat parts.

I have boxes full of old blocks that need new sheaves so I contacted Don to see about making me some replacements which I would use to rebuild the blocks.  I also threw in the dimensions for a new bow roller while I was at it because ours is very old and looking quite rough.


I reached out to Don on Facebook and he got back to me quickly.  In the end we decided most of the old blocks might have seen their last days as serious rigging equipment but the bow roller was a go.  Don was very precise in what he needed to know about the bow roller and asked me to call him to go over the specs.  45 minutes later we knew a lot more about each others personal history, dreams, boats, and cruising plans.  We also got the details of the bow roller worked out.  A couple days later Don sent me this:

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 1.21.37 PM

The roller was designed with the exact dimensions of our Rocna 25 anchor in mind and is built for strength and durability.  Don also included a stainless steel shaft for the inner diameter of the roller for more strength and better wear.  The Aluminum shaft on our old roller was completely corroded and useless.

A week later the new roller showed up at our house and I went out to the boat to see how it fit.  I am happy to say its perfect!


If you’d like Capn’ Don’s services feel free to reach him on Facebook or at MeriMarine.

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