Side Deck Faired!

Last week I wrote about the process of fairing the side deck that has been going off and on for the last three years.  Today, I was determined to finish the job and get a coat of primer on the epoxy to protect it from UV.   When we left off I put down one last coat of fairing epoxy and when I came out this morning it looked like this:

2019-02-24 12.00.29a.jpg

I carefully sanded this last bit down and ended up with a perfectly smooth surface that I wiped down with Xylol several times until the rag came up clean.

I then mixed up 3 oz Interlux Primer Epoxy Primecoat 404 base, 1 oz 414 reactor, and 1 oz 233N reducing solvent.

I brushed on the primer and was quite happy to see the area turn white again.  It was blowing like crazy outside and while I wasn’t worried about anything contaminating the paint (it has been raining for two weeks straight and had just stopped an hour before) I was surprised to see that the primer set up very quickly.  This made it difficult to tip out the paint and make it nice and smooth.  As a result I will need to give it a light sand before the next coat.  Upon reflection, I think I should try rolling the primer on and discontinue use of the brush.  I will give this a go next time and report back on how it works out.

4 thoughts on “Side Deck Faired!

  1. Just bought my Alberg 37, look forward to following you . thanks for posting and sharing your work, it is appreciated by my future self i am sure. Starting work on her next month, when she comes home April 30th.

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      1. 81 mk11, same engine you had, needs work too, hoping 2-3 years as well to be finish, prob go with the same ports, you went with, and will be doing the step mod you did (makes good sense). ya, haven’t slept much for 2 days since i purchased her (stoked) like a kid at christmas.

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      2. That’s fantastic! Ours is an ‘80 so they are practically the same boat. I still get excited about her! It’s a great feeling. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions down the line 🙂


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