Fairing the Side Deck

It has been three years since I fiberglassed the side deck.  For a re-cap, check out Fiberglassing the Side Deck.  For some reason I just never got around to fairing it… So, over the last few months I have been slowly plugging away at the fairing job, laying down layers of epoxy and sanding them back off in an effort to get a perfectly smooth surface.

The first thing I did was sand down the entire area again and then coat it with a thin layer of epoxy.  Since the previous epoxy had been sitting out in the sun for so long, and epoxy does not like UV, I figured I should sand off that top layer and let a fresh coat of epoxy bond to the fiberglass underneath.  Who knows if this was really necessary, just a “better safe than sorry.”  I aggressively sanded, wiped down the whole area with Xylol, and then brushed on the epoxy:

I sanded that layer down and noticed some spots that could be built up some more.  Rather than take the easy way out and just throw in a bunch of filler I decided to cut and lay down more fiberglass so that it would be nice and strong.


This, in turn, had to be sanded down which was a bear of a job…


I then mixed up a medium sized batch of epoxy thickened with 407 low density fairing filler and coated the area and sanded it down again…

2019-02-03 09.55.39-1a.jpg

I was not quite satisfied with the job… it was smooth but not perfectly smooth… So: Repeat.  Coat and sand again:

This time it was near perfect!  There was just one little low spot right in the middle that was bothering me so I quickly mixed up another batch and laid it down.  I believe the next time I go out I will be able to quickly sand this down and lay down the Interlux Primer!  Woo hoo!

2019-02-17 12.51.29a.jpg

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