A great surprise!

Over the last few weeks I have been cleaning out the storage shed in preparation for moving the sails back in to a new home on the shelves.  While moving things around I came across a big black tool box.  When I went to move it, I found it was quite heavy.  It was also locked so I had no clue what was in it…

Today I went out and we went through all the keys in the house, a whole drawer full, and I finally found one that fit the lock!  What a great surprise to find it full of different types and sizes of line!!

2019-02-17 09.46.39a.jpg

As I dug through all the line, I found halyards, polypropylene, dock lines, and everything in between.  I figured I might not need to buy any more line at all so, just to make sure, I drug out everything to do a quick inventory.

2019-02-17 09.37.36a.jpg

I think we are good 😉


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