New Workshop

A really nice part about our new home is that it has a detached workshop and potting shed, both with power.

2019-02-14 16.26.54.jpg

Recently I’ve been working on them; I’ve replaced the roof on the potting shed and built out some workbenches in there as well.  I also built a new workbench in the main workshop that was designed with teak refinishing in mind.  The bench is the perfect size to support the longest piece of teak on the Alberg so that I can finish up sanding and varnishing all the original wood.

2019-02-08 15.49.54.jpg

But first things first…. The boys needed a “learning tower” so they could get up to help in the kitchen.  This learning tower also folds down to become a desk that they can play at.  These things are $100-200 bucks online and there was no way that we were going to spend that.  Luckily I had some old plywood laying around outside at the boat and a couple pieces of scrap that I salvaged from the old house when we moved.

Here is the scrap piece of wood and the two sides of the tower cut out:

The majority of my time was spent sanding.  I wanted all of the edges to be very round so that the boys would not hurt themselves when they inevitably bump into the tower.

Here are all the sanded pieces a couple cuts away from being assembled:

2019-02-09 11.44.58.jpg

Assembly was quick and easy.  Ronan came in for a mid-build inspection to make sure it was up to his standards:

I used a couple small L brackets for the platforms they would be standing or sitting on and the rest I just screwed in from the sides.  I installed a piano hinge to join the two parts so that it folds down into a desk.

I then unhinged it and painted the whole thing black:

Once painted, I re-installed the piano hinge and installed the metal clasps that would keep it in place as either a desk or tower:

I’m happy to say that the new tower is a hit 😉

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