So, where are we at exactly?

We often get asked how the boat work is going.  The blog focuses on in depth projects, following us as we go along, but often we jump around a lot.  Also, some projects can take years and it’s difficult to see how it all fits together.  So hopefully I can summarize where we are at currently.

To recap, when we bought the boat it had decks with wet core in some spots, the interior had flooded and there was a film of grime covering everything, the tanks all needed to be pumped and cleaned, all the plumbing needed to be replaced, the electrical system was a mess to put it nicely, the rigging needed replacing, and the engine needed to be re-built or replaced.  The good news? The hull was in great shape, she had a like-new set of sails, a monitor wind-vane, and a place to keep her and work on her.  It didn’t hurt that she was one of our top three dream boats and we were looking for a deal, not a turnkey.


Since we bought her in 2015 we have completely cleaned her up, replaced much of the plumbing, cleaned or replaced the tanks, fixed all the leaks, pulled the engine, re-cored the decks, and started replacing the port-lights.


In the process of all this we had two beautiful twin boys who have completely changed our world and are an amazing addition to life.   We have also purchased two houses and started renting one out in a first effort to start creating passive income that will hopefully help finance our adventures aboard.

So where does that leave us?  What else is there to be done?

Well, I need to put the finishing touches on the deck repair, sand down the entire deck, and paint it.  I need to re-core the cockpit sole and re-paint that as well.  We got the old engine out of the way, but we need to purchase and install the new beta closer to the time we set sail.  Also closer to the time we set off we will replace the standing rigging wire.  I am going to start re-wiring the entire boat from scratch soon, and I have to finish installing the new port lights.  Other than that, we just have a few small projects and some canvas work.  I think it would be fair to say we have reached the halfway mark, though I don’t tend to think of it in those terms…


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