Aft Deck Continued

This morning I came out planning on sanding the side deck and painting the aft deck some more.  Unfortunately it was raining so instead I worked on some small projects and cleaned up a bit.  After a while, there was a break in the rain so I dried off the aft deck and gave it a quick sand with 120 grit.


I then cleaned off any sanding dust that may have not been sucked into the vacuum.


Luckily the rain was still holding off so I mixed up a batch of the Interlux epoxy primer.

2018-09-24 10.58.25a.jpg

With the primer mixed with 25% 2333N this time I grabbed a better brush and had a much easier time laying down the Interlux.  It still didn’t level in the way that I was hoping it would but it was much better.


I think I am going to stop with just two coats for now and focus on the side deck and then move on to the foredeck.  Once I finish more of the pieces I can then start to sand down the non-skid and connect the dots.  😉


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