Companionway Handhold

Since finishing up the fiberglass work on the companionway I have really been wanting to install a handhold on the starboard side to give a good hold when exiting or just standing in the companionway talking to someone.  There is a built in handhold on the port side but it is too far inside the boat to really provide assistance pulling yourself up and out of the companionway.  My idea was to have a one half loop teak handrail installed right onto the companionway.  You can buy these things on amazon for something like $15 bucks but why spend money when you can also make one out of an old discarded handrail?

I began by cutting off one half loop from an old handrail:

2018-08-19 08.11.02a

I then used the orbital sander and vacuum set up to sand down the piece of teak into a nice shape with a rounded top and strong bottom:

The most difficult part was drilling out the fiberglass at the correct angle and then countersinking the outside so that the bolt heads would fit in seamlessly and not inhibit the washboards from sliding in and out.  I then tapped both holes for the bolts:

2018-08-19 09.46.39a

Once the fiberglass was tapped, I drilled out the 1/2 inch bung holes with a forstner bit and put a washer and nut in each.  I then treaded the bolts through the fiberglass and into the bolts hidden inside of the teak, securing the handhold in place.

I did not have an 1/2 inch teak bungs so I quickly ordered a box on amazon for $6 and by the time you read this post they will have already arrived.  Here is what the handhold looks like so far:

2018-08-19 11.15.46a.jpg

This is so natural a place for a good strong handhold I have already naturally reached for it every time I have exited the boat!  🙂


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