VHF Un-install

As I continue work on the companionway the little cockpit mounted VHF plug began to get in the way.  You can see the wire just hangs and I really needed it gone so that I could sand and paint.


Of course, it has to be pulled from out from the outside of the boat which means that I needed to detach it from the back of the VHF.  In order to get to the back of the VHF to remove the wire, I had to un-install it.  Little did I know how much of a project this was going to turn into…

Once I removed the hanging black wire and the piece of deck hardware it connected to I coiled it up and set it down.  Realizing that I should keep it with the Horizon VHF that it mates to, I decided to remove the other couple wires coming out of the back and coil them up and keep everything together.

Well, while the one black wire was just hanging free, the other wires were connected to tons of other wires with what seemed like hundreds of little wire ties.  It was a painful process just cutting all the little plastic ties.  I began in the quarter berth where I traced them aft:

The wires went into the port lazarette and one kept going into the aft lazarette where I found the wire cut.  I assume that it was to an antenna that used to be installed there.  The other wire looked like speaker wire and from the port lazarette it snaked its way back into the quarter berth on the inboard side and then into the engine room.  Here I am in the engine room cutting more wire ties to free it:


Apparently the above is an example of my concentration face! hahahaha.  Here is what I was concentrating on:


The wire twisted through that mess and went into the starboard lazarette.


As it turned out the wire continued on the starboard side of the boat over to where the old radio was.  I have no clue, but guess that maybe they had rigged the VHF to go through the speakers – just a guess.  Either way it was a big waste of time and I should have just checked to see where it went because the radio is no longer there and we don’t plan to re-install it.

After all wires were removed and coiled I neatly packaged everything together and put it in the sink for temporary storage:


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