Head Painting Finished!

Back in April I began painting the forward port bulkhead inside the head while waiting for some epoxy to set up.  Continuing the trend, I have given it a coat or a sand here and there for the past few months while waiting for various epoxy projects to cure.  I am happy to say that today I was able to put down the last coat and the head is looking really good!  In fact I think the only project left in the head is to install the head itself and the sink faucet.  At some point I will also need to re-install the door as well! haha.

As a reminder we are using Petit EZ Cabin Coat off white paint throuhout the boat.  It has a really nice color, its easy to work with, and is said to help prevent mold and mildew.  Here I am putting the first coat down:


Here is what it looked like about mid way through the process while I was sanding:


And here is the final product:


Its nice to have a few nice, clean spaces in the boat that are either completely finished or very close to being so.  I’ll have to admit that every once in a while this project seems daunting and I get a bit discouraged.  Today was one of those days so it was good to finish up a project.

2 thoughts on “Head Painting Finished!

    1. Thank you!! The sander and vac combo is invaluable!! As a matter of fact, my last one was stolen and I immediately purchased another set. I use it weekly and it really helps keep the boat clean and my lungs protected. 😁


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