Seacock Strength

The ABYC standards state that a seacock must be able to withstand “a 500 pound static force applied for 30 seconds to the inboard end of the assembly, without the assembly failing to stop the ingress of water.”  The seacock installations that I’ve been working on over the last few months exceed that standard I am sure.  However, I don’t really have a way to test it.  I am also really worried about the location of the newest seacock because it is right at the base of the companionway steps.  In my imagination I see the floorboard getting tossed and someone coming down the steps fast, landing straight on the seacock and it just cracking off and letting tons of water flow into the boat!  Erin has assured me that A) the floorboards are going to be locked down in place so this wont happen and B) if someone did land on the seacock it would be strong enough to take it.  She is right, I know, but today I just had to make sure all would be well.  So, I balanced on the little seacock and moved around a little to give it some more pressure, all the while listening for any cracks or sounds of failure.  I stepped on and off of it and balanced precariously over our deep bilge for much longer than 30 seconds.  Of course there were no cracking sounds – its solid as a rock and could easily support me.  Good to know for sure 😉


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