Engine Raw Water Intake Seacock

Last weekend we took the kids up to Tennessee to see their Great Grandparents.  While we were up there the kids got to go for their first “swim!”  We are happy to report that both boys seemed to feel quite at home in the water.  As you can imagine, we are hopeful that they continue to enjoy the water as we plan to be spending quite a lot of time in and around it!

Back in Charlotte it has been very very very hot and humid.  Out on the boat it has been 100 degrees with high humidity.  It has really been quite miserable to be out working in this weather.

As miserable as the heat can be, there is work to be done.  Recently I have been working on the raw water intake seacock for the engine.  As the trend continues – the existing set up was awful:

2018-05-27 12.30.16

The usual issues like a rotten backing plate and an in line ball valve were present.  However, this time there was a second ball valve and a tee – one end going to the engine, one end to the water maker I believe.  So, ostensibly one could not run the engine and the water maker at the same time.  I’m not sure how it actually worked in practice but we really want a dedicated seacock for the raw water intake for the engine.  We also want it to be a real seacock that is bolted in place and nice and sturdy.  Needless to say, we are trashing this one. Getting the ball valves off was a bit of a pain but a couple big wrenches made the job easier.

On the other side of the hull was a bronze strainer that was screwed into the hull.  I removed the screws without too much trouble and was able to pry off the strainer.

Back on the other side I pried off the rotten wood ring and held up our new Forespar seacock to check and see how it would look!

As we mentioned in previous posts like New Seacocks! we prefer marelon instead of bronze whenever possible.  I cant wait to have this little guy fully installed – we have a super cool strainer that we are going to install on the hose between it and the engine!   Here is a little sneak peak:

2018-06-17 15.00.18-1.jpg

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