Port Side Deck Scupper

Now that the engine room seacock is squared away I wanted to address the port side deck scupper hose.  The hose was too long, old, cracked, and had two low spots that water would sit in – no good.   I bought six feet of 1 3/8″ Shields Flex II exhaust hose with wire from go2marine.com to replace the old hose.

To give you an idea of how this hose is run, it starts out as a drain on the side deck which is accessible in the quarter berth.  The hose then runs back in to the port cockpit lazarette and then through a cut out into the bilge where it mets up with the larger cockpit scupper hose.  There was a low spot in the quarter berth and another in the bilge where it mets up with the larger hose.  To combat this I ran a shorter hose that had less slack from the drain into the port lazarette and through a different, higher, cut out that leads back into the quarter berth.  From there it has a straight downward slope to the larger hose and seacock.

This picture gives you some idea of how the hose travels – dotted lines for when it goes into the lazarette: IMG_2369a.jpg

The scupper is fiberglass molded around an old copper pipe and it seems to have held up really well over all these years:


The new hose was an absolute perfect fit and I was able to snug it up onto the fiberglass before tightening down two hose clamps.   In the picture below you can see how the hose immediately travels aft into the lazarette:


On the other side of the quarter berth the hose then enters again, all the while maintaining a downward angle from start to finish:


Here is a picture of the set up as accessed from the quarter berth.  Once the engine is installed this is where we would access the seacock.



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