New Port Lights

This past fall we received some excellent feedback about our choice of the tri-matrix portlights from New Found Metals.  It got me thinking and wondering what the stainless steel ones would look like so recently I purchased one of them to try out.  Today I went out and dry fit it and snapped a few pictures and would love to hear peoples opinions on which they like better!  Thank you in advance!

Here are both, side by side, pre-install:


Here they are side by side, installed, interior view, closed:

*feel free to click on these to make them bigger!

Here they are interior view, open:


This is the outside view:


In this photo you have the old beckson port on the left, the tri-matrix in the middle, and the stainless to the right:


Lastly, another angle with the tri-matrix on the left, the stainless port in the middle and the factory installed double non-opening double fixed ports to the right:


Please let us know what you think and which you prefer in the comments!  Thank you and let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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