A New Anchor!

I have lusted after a Rocna25 anchor for years now.  They are fantastic, proven anchors and all of my mentors have a Rocna hanging from their bow.  We have a Bruce which is also a great anchor however the Bruce was “properly” sized for the Alberg37 coming in at 20KG.   That is great and probably works fine 99% of the time but I really wanted to size up to 25KG and the Rocna was in our sights.  That extra 1% is really important to us and since we plan to sail to many distant shores on different continents with all sorts of holding ground we want the weight to help us out.  Secretly I had hoped that when my parents sold their Bristol 41.1c they would hand down their trusty Rocna25 to me but alas, the buyer seemed like they were going to do some serious sailing and wanted all the goodies along with the boat!  🙂

I have been price watching for a few years now and noticed that over the last year the price on Rocnas went up quite a bit so when I got a coupon for the difference of the price increase, I seized the opportunity to buy the anchor at 2015 prices.  😉


Those kids aren’t just small, that is really a big anchor!  An absolutely wonderful feeling to have it in our lives and used properly, in the right settings, that big piece of metal in between those two little ones will be responsible for keeping all four of us safe and sound at anchor.

Today I went out to the Alberg to make sure it would fit on our bow!  I am happy to report that it fits perfectly and does not hit the boat on deployment or retrieval in my tests.  I will make a few adjustments just to be safe but it looks pretty good for a first fit.

Since I was playing around with anchors, I figured I should pull all of them out and put them side by side for inventory purposes.

2018-02-10 11.39.51.jpg

We are definitely keeping the Rocna25, Bruce20, Fortress FX-16, and two dinghy anchors.  I have not made up my mind about whether or not we are keeping the Bruce 10KG or the old rusty danforth.  Something tells me that the Bruce10 will not make the cut but the fortress might just because its easy to stow.  Either way, the Rocna25 fills our “primary anchor” duty and the only other anchor I can imagine purchasing is a Fortress FX-37 or something like that that we would keep disassembled as a hurricane anchor.

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