The Crew Has Arrived


Erin and I are quite happy to announce the arrival of our twin boys, Jameson Thomas and Ronan Cornell.  They were born 6 weeks early and had to spend a month in the neonatal intensive care unit but both of them are super healthy and they came home with us a couple weeks ago.  The experience was very challenging for Erin and I, however, we both knew all along how blessed we were to have these boys and knew the stint in the hospital would end at some point.  Its been a new set of challenges having them home with us – twins are quite the handful! – but the difficulties pale in comparison to the joys of these two special little guys.

Erin delivered the twins 100% naturally which was an amazing experience for both of us and exactly how she wanted to have them.  It takes quite a lot to impress me and I have to say that it was one of the most impressive things I’ve ever witnessed.  I cannot begin to imagine what it was like carrying these guys around and then delivering them without so much as a yell or curse word but I was quite blessed to be a witness to the entire experience.  Should we ever find ourselves in troubled seas, I am quite confident in Erin’s ability to handle pain and discomfort for an extended period of time and will feel quite safe having her as the first mate.  Not only will I sleep sound because of our beautiful Alberg that can handle anything but I imagine that Erin is built just as tough.

Speaking of the Alberg, some have asked if our recent additions will foil our plans.  Some of you loyal readers will remember that we bought the Alberg with two stowaways in mind and having twins has just been a more efficient way of bringing them into the world.  The boys will sleep in the forepeak which is quite spacious enough for both of them and all of their stuff.  I am quite happy about that arrangement because the v-berth is just a few inches too short for me to lay in stretched out.   The Alberg is awesome in that the port settee in the saloon slides out and becomes a nice big bed which is where Erin and I will sleep.  The previous owners also used to sleep there and reported it comfortable so long as everyone is on the same sleep schedule.   Erin and I have always been early to bed and early to rise so I think this will work out well.  If the boys are on a different schedule that is perfect as they will be isolated to the forepeak and we wont disturb them.

Its been difficult for me not to get out to the boat to work but I recently went and brought some tools home so that I can continue refinishing the teak cap rail in between working and making sure these guys are getting fed every three hours the clock ’round.

2017-12-10 18.50.24a.jpg


2 thoughts on “The Crew Has Arrived

  1. What a lovely piece of writing, Ryan.

    You and Erin are heart-felt in so many ways. I’ve been impressed with the ease at which you have handled bringing these boys into the world…”steady” seems to a word that fits. The journeys ahead will be amazing and filled with unique memories. These boys are in for an adventurous life with a mom and a dad that clearly love them beyond compare!


  2. We couldn’t be more proud of you both. While there are many single parents in the world who do a fine job, along with countless sailors crossing oceans without help, having a partner you can truly count on is a gift that is indeed a blessing. You two are fine parents, working together like a well-choreographed dance. You will do the same while crossing oceans, no doubt, setting an excellent example of what teamwork looks like for Jameson and Ronan.

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