Filling more holes

I am determined to get the deck ready for a coat of epoxy primer.  My imagination runs with a picture of a solid white deck that seems to be some sort of self imposed milestone in this project.  To me, it feels like a halfway point though I know it is still just part of the beginning.

Today I drilled out the holes from the through bolts that used to hold the mast base blocks in place.  We are not going to re-use these blocks and will put a stainless steel mast base collar on that we can attach all sorts of blocks to.

Much like last week the process began with drilling out and countersinking all the holes.

2017-08-13 09.40.12.jpg

I then cleaned up the big mess I had made and this is what the holes looked like:

2017-08-13 10.38.14.jpg

After mixing up a batch of thickened epoxy, I sucked it all up into a large syringe and got to work filling the holes.  This is a somewhat delicate process as you really want to avoid any air bubbles which could create small hollow spots in the deck.

2017-08-13 10.58.26.jpg

And here they are, all filled up and curing:

2017-08-13 10.59.32.jpg

In case your wondering, the silicone bead on the mast collar is to create a waterproof seal for the old portlight that I lay on top of it and weigh down as a lid.

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