Filling in the multitude of holes

It totally blows my mind how many holes have been drilled into this poor boat.  In the small portion of the aft end of the boat that I have been working on there are over 200 holes in the deck alone!  Holes for mounting hardware, holes for electrical cables, holes to mount the cap rail, all legit reasons to drill a hole.  However there are about 125 extra holes that I can only assume were for some other piece of hardware, long since discarded, that never got repaired properly.  Squirting some sealant down in there is a great solution for a few years but when you strip everything down as I have, you really see the swiss cheese like effect that this type of policy has over the years.

After about a year of pondering my options I have decided to drill out, countersink, fill, and fair all the holes.  Today began that process.

First off, I had to pull all the silicone plugs I had put in all the holes to keep the water out.

2017-08-06 09.10.26.jpg

After that mindless but time consuming task was complete I used a countersink bit to drill out and make a nice bevel on all the holes.

2017-08-06 09.11.34.jpg

I then spent an hour or so holed up in the aft lazerette taping up the hundreds of holes from the inside.

2017-08-06 08.46.39 HDR.jpg

Once everything was all taped up I mixed up and nice batch of 404 high density thickened epoxy and carefully squirt it in all of the holes.

2017-08-06 09.51.18.jpg

Working my way forward I then drilled out the many holes that were left over from the propane locker(s).

2017-08-06 10.41.23.jpg

Since these were on a vertical surface I had to tape them from both sides.

2017-08-06 11.36.01.jpg

You may notice the bit of newly found shade that I was able to enjoy today.  Compliments of Erin’s aunt, I was able to enjoy an umbrella to keep the oppressive sun away!  Unfortunately, the heat was another story and after several hours I had to call it quits in the name of overall health.

Heres a couple pictures of the umbrella!

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