Evolving dreams, berths, and a personal update

Georgetown, Bahamas, 2015

Ryan’s and my dream of living on a sailboat has been a near constant in our relationship. A few months into dating we’d moved in together, and Ryan started talking about moving onto a sailboat. He had mentioned it a few times before I finally said “so, am I on this sailboat too?” Ryan said “sure, if you want to come!” I had always dreamed of seeing the world and now I had a way to do it, and bonus: a handsome guy to do it with. I told him I’d love to go, but that we should get married first. And that was that. We started budgeting, researching boats, and got engaged.

Our plans have evolved in the four years since we had that first conversation, but the dream is always there. We’ve passed what would have been our original departure date but we’ve figured out how to go debt-free. The Alberg 37 was always on our shortlist for boats, but we didn’t think we’d be able to afford one – then my aunt and uncle offered to sell us theirs. We bought a house. All of these changes have caused us to put back our estimated departure date, and if I’m being honest, it’s hard not to feel a little impatient sometimes. The plus side of this is that the changes allow us more freedom to sail for longer, and truly, all of these changes have been a blessing.

Think I look a little different? You’re not wrong…

You know what’s cool about the Alberg? It sleeps six! The saloon settee converts into a queen sized bed, plus the v-berth, quarter berth, and other settee. We’re going to need the extra sleeping space too, because we’ll be setting sail with some extra crew.

Small crew.

Child-sized crew.

That’s right – we found out in March that we are expecting! We always wanted to have children but had originally planned to wait until after we set sail. After careful consideration and lots of conversation, we recently decided to start our family before we leave.

So if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been and why I haven’t been working on the boat, that’s why šŸ˜‰

Yesterday we had our first ultrasound where we got the surprise of our lives – we have TWO little stowaways!

2017-07-10 11.10.52a.jpg

Our little boys are due in early December. We’re absolutely thrilled, and can’t wait to meet them.

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