Done Fiberglassing the Aft Deck!

For the past several weeks I’ve been working 70 hours a week, going really hard trying to wrap some projects up.  I haven’t taken lunch breaks opting to drink Soylent to keep me going thorough non-stop work, and I’ve been heading back after dinner to work on projects throughout the night when needed.  I usually wake up around 5:30am without an alarm, most likely due to the stress of knowing what needs to be done.  Today however I woke up at 7:30 which totally surprised me!  We went sailing yesterday and met up with some friends who recently purchased a really nice Catalina 22 and I think the day of fun in the sun wore me out!

Waking up so late today meant that by the time I got out to the Alberg today it was already heating up!  I hurriedly threw together all of my epoxy and fiberglass supplies and got right down to work first thing.  This was the last layer of fiberglass on the small portion of the aft deck that I was unable to get to last week and I was anxious to be done with it.


After the last layers of fiberglass were laid down and began to set up I turned my attention to sanding and fairing the rest of the deck.  The dewalt disk sander hooked up to the little dewalt shop vac makes for an excellent set up and really cuts down on the dust.


I cant tell you how many hours I have spent in the locker back there.  The good news is that its actually pretty comfortable.

The sanding takes a long time but the deck is getting pretty close.  Each time I go over it I look for little valleys that don’t get sanded – they show up easily as dark spots.   These are the low spots that need to be filled in more.


Once I got everything sanded down I mixed up a big batch of epoxy thickened with 407 low density filler and spread it around using a straight edge to move it around and level it out.  In the picture below you can see the red is the low density filler, the yellow are the high spots that are either good to go or need to be sanded down just a bit more, and then of course there is the “dry” spot because I didn’t mix up a big enough batch of epoxy!! 😦    haha.  I’ll get to that next time…


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