Propane Locker Removal

The propane locker has been used primarily for storage over the last couple years.  It was in rough shape when we bought the boat and it certainly hasn’t gotten any better.  Recently some uninvited guests took up residence and made themselves several nests.  Whenever I’d come around and disturb them they would fly around and threaten me with their stingers!! No fun for either of us, so I decided the propane locker had to go.

2017-06-12 12.42.35.jpg

The lid was rotten so I just lifted its off its screws without much effort.  As you can see the wooden addition to the top is also pretty rotten.  I took the screws holding it in place out and then just broke it apart and threw it away.

2017-06-12 12.51.14.jpg

The lower section I believe was standard on the A37 and was made out of fiberglass over wood.  Unfortunately this wood was also rotten as I found out when I dug in a bit:

2017-06-12 13.08.20.jpg

The wood fell to pieces on its own, however, it was a bit more difficult to remove all of the fiberglass.  After quite a while with the angle grinder I was able to break everything free.  I then threw away all the broken up bits and vacuumed up the small pieces and dust.  Everything cleaned up pretty well and its nice to have the rotten thing out of the way!

2017-06-12 14.06.14.jpg

From here we will remove the fiberglass skin of the cockpit floor and re-core the entire cockpit.  After that major task is complete we will build a new propane locker to whatever specs we design.


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