Cleaning up the engine room

Over the last three or four weeks I have meticulously spread anti-weed ground cover all around the boat and jack stands so that no grass or weeds will grow and therefore need to be maintained.  I had no clue it was going to be such a pain or take so long but its done and should last a good long time!

After that chore was done I got back to the engine room work.  Now that the old Volvo Penta is out of the way there was quite a mess to clean up.


Years of oil, grime, dirt, and what looks to be several home made wiring jobs were all caked up upon one another.  Before tackling any of it I wanted to make sure the new Beta 35 would fit! I took tons of measurements and compared them to the diagrams that I got from Beta Marine.  The front engine beds will need to be lowered considerably and all four will need to be rebuilt to put the engine at less of an angle than the old Volvo.  We had plenty of clearance for the deep oil pan which is excellent!  Additionally the increased head room will allow for deeper sinks in the galley! This is a big plus.  Fore and aft we were a little tight with only an inch or two to spare when the staircase is put back in place, everywhere else we would gain room – a wonderful improvement!  I am also quite happy that the weight of the engine will be a bit lower.

beta 35 7degree down angle

OK, but seriously, that engine room was a mess and I couldn’t keep playing around on the computer figuring out how much space we were going to have!  It fits.  Now time to clean up.

The first thing to do was get rid of the rats nest of copper wires and pipe. I’m 100% positive this all worked at one time but since that time corrosion has taken its toll and there were some serious issues:

After about 30 minutes of cutting and snipping away I was able to pull most of it out:


After that I got the degreaser and scrub brush out and went to work.  Several hours later I am pleased to say that things are starting to look OK.  At least its clean enough to start working in there and re-constructing the engine bed!  After that we are going to give the whole area a new coat of paint, put some heat and noise protection up and get ready for the Beta!

2 thoughts on “Cleaning up the engine room

  1. So did you get the 35 to fit I have been talking with Beta and they are trying to sell me a 25 I have the same boat and engine bed


    1. David, In my opinion the 25 would be underpowered for our boat. Stanley at Beta is the one who I have been corresponding with about the 35. My measurements indicate that there is plenty of room for the 35 and Stanley says “Use the Beta 35 with 2:1 TMC60A transmission. If you can fit a 17″ diameter
      propeller, you will get good propulsion with a 17″x12″ three blade prop
      with 50% BAR. According to my prop calc program you need 30HP to achieve
      hull speed.”
      I am going to build a mock up model of the engine soon in order to make the new engine beds appropriate for the beta feet. That will be the final determination of how well it fits. So far so good though.


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