Sad Day

Yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning up our Catalina 25.  Sadly we have not been sailing since before the car wreck and after a long period of deliberation we have decided to sell our beloved little boat on the lake.

Erin and my first boat together was a Hobie Holder 14 that we kept on a trailer in the driveway and took up to the lake on the weekends.  Here is a picture of Erin reading the manual in our driveway:


This was a fun boat and a good one for Erin to learn to sail with but we quickly started desiring something bigger that we could spend the night on.  I was really interested in purchasing a Pearson 26 like we had growing up but we found our Catalina 25 at the Sail Club where we had the Pearson growing up and it was meant to be.  The Catalina was taken care of religiously by the previous owners and it really shows.  To date, its the driest boat I’ve ever been on.  It hardly even smells like a boat its so dry.  I am not exaggerating when I say the bilge is dusty!


Erin and I have spent many weekends sailing around on the lake and have enjoyed every minute of it.  We’ve made several upgrades over the years and it helped me build the confidence I needed to work on the big projects on the Alberg.   Erin has also grown in her confidence and is a great sailor now.  So all that begs the question: why sell her?

We have decided to sell her for many reasons.  First, we almost never get out there anymore and it seems like a waste to have her languish in her slip.  Second, its very expensive to keep her at a marina year round and after working hard on our finances recently I have found that we could put a much better use to that money.  Third, this will give us more time to work on the Alberg with no regrets on “not going sailing” instead.  I cant tell you how many times I’ve been out at the Alberg thinking I should be on the Catalina or on the Catalina thinking I should be working on the Alberg.  The sale will put an end to that inner turmoil.

So thats all.  If your curious here is the posting:


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