Back to the Boat! and other big news…

I’ve spent the last couple days working on the Alberg and it feels great to be back at it!! It’s been months since we’ve been able to work on the boat and it was pure torture!  First there was the car accident which put me out of commission and in physical therapy for several months.  While all of that was going on Erin and I bought a house!!  And then immediately after we both got new jobs!!  Erin is in a completely different profession now and I am still with the same company in a new position.

The House:


Erin and I have been living in this house for a few years now and we love it.  We were also pouring money into rent and when our landlord presented us with the idea of buying it was a tempting idea.  We ran the numbers and not only did it make sense, it gave us some new ideas about our cruising plans.  What if we could pay this house off before we left and rent it out to generate income?  Again we ran the numbers and not only did it make sense but we would actually save money on rent and then have a small source of income when we leave!  So there you have it, we are now home owners!


Erin was not very happy at her job as a costume designer.  She has undergrad and graduate degrees in the field and loves it but the particular work environment was really wearing her down.  It did not make sense for her to continue to work there.  Instead she moved back to Starbucks where she was working when we met.  She’s at a new store now and is much happier!

I was recently offered a huge promotion at my job that I was not originally able to talk about.  Our company was in the process of acquiring several existing locations and for the sake of that company and its employees we could not announce our plans until we owned them.  I am happy to say that my new position is to oversee the acquisition sites as well as the site that I have been managing for several years.  Instead of managing 1 location and 8 employees I now oversee 4 stores, 4 managers, and have around 32 employees to keep track of.  Part of the buyout included completely renovating all of the locations.  AT THE SAME TIME.  I was in charge of making sure the renovations, new equipment installs, and office renovations were all taking place to our standards.  We are still working on it and I hope that things will start wrapping up in the next month.   This has been an excellent move for me however it meant working 60-70 hour weeks and having no days off for quite some time.  All that has equaled very little time for the boats 😦

Luckily, things are starting to calm down a bit and while I am still working non-stop I have really enjoyed getting out to the boat!  Yesterday I grabbed all of the cushions so that Erin can start reupholstering them.

Here they are tied down in the back of the truck before bringing them home; the inside of the truck was filled with the smaller ones too!

2017-02-12 12.18.15.jpg

I hope to get back out there next week.  We have some big, exciting projects to tackle!

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