Toe Rail Work Continues

It seems as if I’ve been working on this toe rail forever… A few days ago I calculated that it takes me about an hour to complete 1 foot.  There is about 84 feet of toe rail.  Yup, it’s taking a long time.  That was until today.  Today I found out that my estimate was very optimistic!  I had no clue how difficult it would be to take the sail track off the toe rail.  More about that later.

Before we get to the sail track lets take a look at the wonderful progress that’s been made! I removed the cap rail from the starboard bow and found that the hull to deck joint was a little bit better than the port side.  I also switched to cleaning up the sealing with Xylene instead of Acetone.  Xylene is really good a breaking down silicones and it seems whatever sealant was used may have had a bit of that.

There were a couple feet where the hull to deck joint was just as clean and perfect as can be… too bad the whole boat wasn’t put together this way!

2016-08-24 12.33.17.jpg

Alas, only about two or three feet were that solid.  After countless hours of scraping the rest things finally started cleaning up.



After all the sealant was scraped off I cleaned everything with Xylene.  And then I cleaned it again with Xylene.  And then I scraped some more.  And then I cleaned it with Xylene.  And then I used a Xylene soaked rag wrapped around the scraper and scraped some more! And then I finally cleaned everything with Xylene…….

Eventually it was clean and time to seal the hull to deck joint with 5200.


And here you have the sealed up and now waterproof hull to deck joint on the starboard side:


Major progress!  I then conveniently skipped over the next 20 feet on either side because they had the sail track through bolted on and I still hadn’t gotten my mind around removing all of those through bolts by myself…

So on to the transom!


The wood came up pretty easy on the transom.  I was a bit surprised to find that there are about 50 holes in the taffrail and the little aluminium rivets from when the boat was build are all but nonexistent.  I had to really look for where they used to be and I only found a couple intact.  I see through bolts in the future of the transom!

Remember I was talking about licen growing on the teak? Look at this! This poor wood is in serious need of some love!

2016-08-26 11.31.19a.jpg

After lots of cleaning I was left with tons of little holes.  To be honest I’m not sure what they are all there for! For now I made little silicone buttons that will keep the water out until I figure out what I’m going to do with all the holes.  I will probably end up epoxying the whole transom and starting from scratch.  We will see.  This is only half of the transom:

2016-08-26 12.49.08.jpg

Stay tuned for the details on the sail track.  It was a real adventure.

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