Moving Along…

Work on the toe rail is going well.  I’ve finished varnishing the piece of wood shown in the last post and it looks very good.  8 layers of Awlspar M3131 really makes the wood glow.

More importantly, I went out to the boat today after we had some serious storms roll through in the last few days and there is not a single drop of water getting into the boat where I pulled the cap-rail!  This is big news because not only did I find the leak, but its now fixed as well.  We are going to continue pulling the teak and sealing the hull to deck joint all around the boat.

In the mean time Fall is quickly approaching and its going to be a good time to paint soon.  There are a few things left to do to the deck to clean up the balsa core repairs and get ready for painting.  First up I finally got around to removing the bow pulpit and cleats.  Its not an easy task by yourself because everything is through bolted but vice-grips really help!

Here I am in the anchor locker removing the nuts and washers off the through bolts.


And here is the bow sans hardware:


When we did the re-core of the deck I intentionally left a gap around each of the holes you can see cut out.  The wet core was only due to these holes never being sealed and the water leaking into the deck.  I brought the balsa within an inch or two but left space to be filled with thickened epoxy.  For whatever reason I never got around to it until today.  First I reamed out/ roughed up the insides of the deck with a wire brush attached to a drill.  After the epoxy dust was all cleaned up I wet everything out with  epoxy and then mixed up a big batch of thickened epoxy (404 High Density).

I injected the thickened epoxy into the void with a large syringe and then roughly fared everything out with my finger.  Once it hardens I will be able to sand it down to a nice solid surface.


Here is one that I did a couple weeks ago to show you what the “finished” hole looks like:


Now that that is over its time to sand everything down and get picky with my fairing job.  The deck is pretty fair right now but its not perfect and that is certainly what we are striving for.

Once everything is ready I am going to prime the decks with Interlux 404/414 two part epoxy primer.  However, before I get ahead of myself there is still a lot of work to do… The aft pulpit needs to be removed.  The entire aft deck needs to be fared, a few more layers of fiberglass are still needed to finish up the re-core back there.  I also want to finish removing the entire cap-rail to get the teak out of the way of all the paint and primer.

Hopefully some good progress will be made over the next two weeks.


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