Finally back to the boats.

Well, things are starting to calm down at work.  The pollen count is receding and the cars are staying clean longer.  Its been a great “busy season” for us but has it ever been busy!! I’m so ready for a bit of a break.

This was the first weekend I’ve had two days off in what feels like months.  Yesterday we took the opportunity to head up to the lake and go sailing on the Catalina.  It was a beautiful day but the winds were all over the place.  0-15 knots anywhere from NNE, W, or SW.  After an hour or so we decided to motor over to the island where we were going to anchor and grill out.  Well, the starter cord on our 37 year old Johnson 6 had other ideas and broke right in half on the first pull 😦


I re-wound a new starter cord but in the process of figuring out the spring I am pretty sure I flooded the engine.   Once I finally got the new cord wound correctly with the right number of turns on the spring the engine just would not come to life.

We sailed over into a small cut and watched the start of a sailboat race that a few of our Sail Club members were in:

2016-05-15 14.30.34.jpg

Erin dropped the venturi tube overboard by accident when she was taking the grill cover off so our plans for grilling were sadly ditched 😦  Cant grill without fuel!   (Our grill uses propane)

At this point we decided to sail home.  Of course at that very moment the wind decided it would shift and blow from the direction we needed to go!  Undaunted we short tacked back and forth making good ground when the wind was actually blowing and bobbing around trying to keep the sails drawing when it wasn’t.  As we neared the Sail Club the wind freshened and we were hauling ass.  We talked over the plan of how we were going to sail into the docks and into our slip.  My idea was to sail just past our dock and then tack into the marina on a reach, drop the head sail, ease the main, drift up to the slip and turn in.  Well that all sounded nice but then the wind died when we were about 100 ft away from the end of our dock.  As it died it clocked around again to the west, the direction we needed to go!

Change of plans…

We ended up short tacking (really short) into the club, 3 feet of water on the right, boats in their slips on the left, back and forth, back and forth ghosting along in almost no wind.  Erin cranked up our centerboard as I tried to keep us moving.  Finally we tacked over and drifted slowly directly into our slip like we do this every day.  We didn’t hit anything, we didn’t bump the dock, nothing.  Just tied up and off we raced to the bathrooms!

Today I went out to the Alberg and did some fiberglass work on the deck… more on that soon 🙂






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