Halyards, Sheets, and Line

Just for fun, basic Google searches turned up these definitions:

Halyard: “a line used for raising and lowering a sail, spar, flag, or yard on a sailing ship.”

Sheet: “In sailing, a sheet is a line (rope, cable or chain) used to control the movable corner(s) (clews) of a sail.”

Line: “When you prepare a rope for a specific task, it becomes employed and is a line. The line is labeled by the job it performs; for example, anchor line, dock line, fender line, etc.”

Rope: “Rope is unemployed cordage. In other words, when it is in a coil and has not been assigned a job, it is just a rope.”

All of the above are frightfully expensive.  As a matter of fact we have spent more money on cordage than anything else on either of our boats, period.  We would have spent almost DOUBLE what we did, had it not been for some patience and a firm commitment to only buy something when its on sale.

Usually we like to shop at Defender and Jamestown Distributors.  Defender because they are awesome, have great prices, good sales, reliable shipping, and a great website.  Jamestown Distributors because of their “Total Boat” line which is a great deal, their awesome prices if your going to buy in bulk, and as VIP members we get free shipping which often turns their similar-to-defender prices into the better deal.  There are other places that we like but they are not the go-to’s like JD and Defender are.  Maybe we will do a post about all of them some time.  Anyhow, a few times a year good ol’ West Marine has a sale that you just can’t beat.  They are often one day only and they usually include 40% discounts.  Normally we don’t shop at WM ’cause we can’t afford to but a deal is a deal!

Every year in January, West Marine has a 40% off running rigging sale.  Its one day only and its on a Friday, usually in the middle of the month.  I was tipped off to this by a fellow member of our sail club on the lake where we keep the Catalina.  For brand new running rigging, the price can’t be beat.

About twice a year, if my memory serves me correctly, WM has a 40% off pre-spliced dock line sale.  This is also a great deal that we have taken advantage of twice.

Soooooooo, this year we bought the main sheet, jib halyard, genoa halyard, spinnaker halyard, and main halyard in January.  We purchased New England Sta-set X for our jib, genoa, and main because of its low stretch qualities and New England Sta-set for the main sheet and spinnaker.  We SAVED a whopping $600 by waiting for the one day a year sale 🙂

We also purchased all new dock lines for the Alberg and the Catalina and saved over $200.

2016-04-04 14.58.50.jpg

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