Since our 35 year old teak hatch base is reinstalled I decided that it needed some varnish to protect it (and make me feel better about the refit and life in general).  All of the wood was previously coated with Cetol which is fine but we have that on our Catalina and I just don’t prefer it.  I wanted a low maintenance varnish that really looked good and didn’t really know where to start so I asked my Dad.  Luckily for me he had a definitive answer that I don’t think he will mind me sharing:

” When we gave the boat to Six River Marine they “educated me”.  Awlgrip Awlspar Varnish (3131) can be applied just like Cetol but unlike Cetol, which you can spot a mile away, Awlspar 3131 looks like and is real varnish.  Six River stripped, sanded and applied 14 coats of Awlspar to our toe rails in 2008.  They also did our cockpit coaming with 8 coats because we had all the hardware removed. So the bottom line is Skylark is 100% Awlspar 3131 and has been just as easy to maintain as Cetol but looks a lot better.  I have not met one person in all our years that has not complemented our bright work, even when I think it sucks.
When you strip your teak and start to refinish go with Awlspar.  Download the application docs, and I think you will be happy.”

Not that I hadn’t already made up my mind to go with the Awlspar after he told me that it would be good but the sentence that sticks with me is: “I have not met one person in all our years (of cruising) that has not complemented our bright work, even when I think it sucks.”

Awlspar M3131 it is.

For the first coat I mixed it 1:1 with T0016 reducer.

Since I needed so little, I had a lot left over!  Luckily I stumbled over the two teak dorade boxes when thinking about what else needed varnishing.

And after one coat of undiluted M3131:

Overall I am really pleased with the results.  I really like the way the varnish looks and it is just about as easy to use as you can get.  Now I cant wait to sand down the teak spray dodger and varnish it!



2 thoughts on “Varnish

  1. Thanks for giving your dad credit for the tip about Awlspar. He does a good job keeping up with Skylark’s bright work and while he clearly exaggerated when he said he never met anyone while cruising who didn’t compliment it, we do in fact get a lot of compliments. If anyone is curious about where Six River Marine is, it’s in North Yarmouth Maine and they do a phenomenal job on all boat repairs, renovations and construction.

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