Have I told you lately…

That I hate grinding fiberglass??  Its absolutely awful.


Today I went out early to tackle the aft deck and spent the first three hours grinding without a break.  It was intense, achy, cramping, itchy work.  I found a couple voids that needed to be ground out completely which was an unpleasant surprise.  Two of the voids were my fault and one very large one was part of the original construction.  Glad I found that one and filled it all in – you can see its the weird green and yellow line at the top right in the photo (aft port side of the boat).   I did not expect to grind quite so much.  I think if I had known I would have considered hand laying new fiberglass instead of using the old skin.


Here you can see the cut fiberglass laid in place:


And the fist layer is epoxied in place (fiberglass is clear once wet out with epoxy):


The hard part is done, now its just fiberglass work which I am more than happy to do all day long compared to grinding!!!

The two circles on either side will be cut through and two dorade boxes are going over them.  Not a great picture but there is a mock up that I did before starting the grinding process:


3 thoughts on “Have I told you lately…

  1. ahhh, not for several more years unfortunately!! We have a smaller boat that we sail on a lake near by to keep us going 🙂 We wont make it to the ocean for a while. Its good to have time to make sure the boat is ship-shape though!


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