Bees and Other Unwanted Guests

2016-03-14 14.16.21.jpg

On Sunday Erin found a large bee trying to escape through a closed port.  We eventually coaxed him or her out but I later found this guy perched on his or her final resting place.  Apparently there was one hole that I had forgotten about in the chain locker that these guys snuck through and then promptly forgot the way out!

Luckily we don’t have any other bug problems and we would like to keep it that way!  Recently I read a Boat Galley article  ( which suggested plugging thru hulls with steel wool to keep bugs from entering or making their homes in the thru hull itself!  Full article can be found HERE.

I like the idea, as I like most of their ideas, but I am an indoctrinated believer that steel wool and boats don’t mix.  However, they make a similar item that I call tuffy pads that we use in the car wash industry to generate foam.  These are seriously cheap plastic scrub pads that wont rust, have dissimilar metal reactions, or cut you!

I purchased a whole bunch of them on Amazon and plugged all of our thru hulls.  No bug homes on our boat!

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