Teak Maintenance

Yesterday Erin and I went out to the boat and cleaned up a bit.  I am still busy trying to make the boat water tight and fill in the little holes that seem to be everywhere in the deck since all of our hardware has been removed.  Erin decided to put a coat of Pettit EZ-Cabin Coat off white paint in the v-berth lockers.  This paint is an anti-mildew interior paint that is not too expensive, is easy to work with, and looks great.  It will be our choice for the headliner and most other cabin lockers as well.

Just for a refresher on the process with these lockers:  we sanded them down completely, cleaned them with acetone, applied three coats each of an oil based alkyd enamel paint, and then used the Pettit paint as the finishing touch.   You can read more about the process here: Still Painting Lockers.

You can see how dusty it is inside the boat from all the fiberglass work I’ve been doing.  All the teak has required sanding, cleaning, and oiling as well.  Erin tackled the locker doors yesterday as well:

For the doors, we lightly sanded them and then washed them completely with oxalic acid.  The acid cleans them, lightens them up a bit, and hopefully gets rid of any mold spores that may be hanging out waiting for a nice damp day to sprout into action and make our life miserable!  After the oxalic acid we washed them again with water and once they dried out oiled them with teak oil.

I took a break to help out as well 🙂

2016-03-13 14.55.16.jpg

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