Lunch Break

Recently I have been making these breakfast smoothies with mixed berries, aloe, spinach, apples, flax seed, and PB2 powder.  They are really really good and supposedly good for me so I’ve had one a day for the past few weeks and will continue to do so.  I highly recommend the idea if your into it.  We used to make smoothies all the time in college at a photo studio that I used to intern at, I don’t know what took me so long to get back into it!

For the past two days of work on the boat I packed my smoothie and a lunch.  The lunch was made by my incredible wife and was absolutely amazing.  Erin makes food from scratch, all the bread, biscuits, BBQ, sauces, as much as she can and she cooks most everything in the pressure cooker, not only because its awesome but because it is how we plan to do our cooking on the boat.  My little thrown together BBQ biscuit doesn’t do her amazing cooking justice but I sure enjoyed it!!!

2016-02-28 13.04.37.jpg


BTW, did I mention I couldn’t eat for an entire week because I was sick… yeah – I am really enjoying eating again!!


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