Winter Cover Is Off

2016-02-24 17.10.47a.jpg

There was a tornado warning out all day today and winds were gusting up to 50mph.  That’s a good force 8 to force 9 gale!  Naturally I was worried about the tarps covering the boat and so after work I made the trek down to the farm.  As soon as I got there I realized there was a problem.  The leeward side of the tarp had ripped to pieces and was flogging all over the place putting an enormous strain on the windward side of the boat.  It was obvious after just a few seconds that this tent like tarp had to go.   All the knots were undone on the stakes in the ground and off she flew!

With the tent like tarp gone the wind caught our main tarp that was wrapped around the entire boat and blew it up like a spinnaker!!! Wow, was that something to see! Then it threatened to bring the whole boat down to leeward with the force!! No time for untying knots this time, out came my knife and cut away she too flew off into the distance!!

I am so thankful nothing was damaged and I’m really glad I went out to check!

After cleaning up the deck of the boat with all the fiber-glassing supplies I had out and putting everything else below decks I was left with the job of waterproofing!   There are lots of pretty large holes cut straight through the decks all over the place right now.  I had to get these things covered up.  Out came a roll of tape and I taped away for a couple hours… all is well now and I am exhausted.

Luckily the only large re-core left is the cockpit sole and we can put the dodger and bimini up to waterproof that area while I work on it 🙂


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