Dodger Splash Guard

Over the past couple weeks we have been making major headway on the re-bedding of the headliner but progress is slooowwww.  Epoxy, sand, epoxy, sand, epoxy, sand, sand sand… its never ending but we are determined to do it right.   We will do a post about it when we have something nice to show.

In the mean time we are preparing to re-core the cabin-top which meant that our spray guard had to come up!  The A37 has a really nice built in dodger spray guard that has a teak facing as well as a fiberglass hood for the companionway sliding hatch.  In order to get the companion way hatch hood off you have to remove the teak facing on the dodger spray guard.   I was absolutely determined not to mess up this piece of teak as it would be an absolute pain to re-fabricate without a proper wood shop which we don’t have access too!  Also, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and we cant afford to build a new one!  All that to say – I was so very careful!!  Patience is key when trying to un-bed something that is well secured!

I started on the starboard side with a painters multi-tool and a rubber mallet and opened the seam between the teak and the fiberglass.  As you can see, I only pulled up the teak a few millimeters so that I didn’t crack or stress it!


I then ever so slowly worked my way down to the port side:


About an hour or so later I was able to carefully pull the teak away from the fiberglass!! Yay!!


Equally as challenging was the sliding hatch hood but I used the exact same method and it came away nicely:


Thank goodness it is winter and these nests were uninhabited!!!


2015-12-28 14.32.54.jpg


It was a true mess under there but after some clean up it turned out nicely.  Next up we will disassemble the hatch and sliding rails and start sampling the core with our fingers crossed!!!


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