Merry Christmas!!


Merry Christmas to everyone near and far!!

We received some amazing gifts this year!!! Erin is modeling her new Helly Hansen sea boots while holding up Dutton’s Nautical Navigation.   I am modeling my new hoodie from Erin’s mom and I am holding up the great Cap’n Fatty Goodlander’s new book “Creative Anchoring” which completes my collection of all of his amazing books!!! I am also holding up a Leatherman Wave multitool from Erin and a beautiful Myerchin Offshore System knife and marlin spike from Erin’s mom!!

Erin’s mom also got us a Jabsco head!!! This is of course amazing and we will get the chance to be reminded of this Christmas every day multiple times a day.   😉

We were also very blessed to have a few of our family members who do not live so close send us money which we of course put right into the Alberg refit!!   I thought it would be nice for them to be able to see what we got with their generous Christmas gifts!!

Here we have a Garhauer Marine double stacked deck organizer, Garhauer single block, Garhauer triple rope clutch, and a Lewmar Evo self tailing winch (size 15)!!  These are very nice pieces of hardware that we are so very thankful to be able to get for the boat now!

We hope that everyone is having a good holiday!

With Love and Thanks ,

Erin and Ryan

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!!

  1. Love Erin’s red boots, among all those other cool things. Thanks for showing us photos of what you got with some of your Christmas money. Since it’s all we can do from afar, it makes us smile to know we have contributed to the cause. But how did you get everything so quickly?

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  2. Well the winch, which your Christmas gift contributed to is ordered but has not arrived 🙂 I just used the image off Defenders website. The Garhauer hardware was purchased with other gifts/cards which arrived early via the mail 🙂


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