New Balsa and Deck Sealed

This past weekend I was able to get the new balsa core into the smaller of the two cut outs on the fore-deck and seal everything up!  We are now ready for some serious grinding around the cut to create a good bevel.  Then comes the fiberglass work 🙂

Just like last time, I wet out both surfaces, including completely wetting out all the little spaces in between the squares of balsa and then laid it all in place.  I used release fabric over the balsa and put weights on top to compress it  evenly in place.   I then sanded down the excess epoxy and marks from the release fabric:

2015-12-07 10.57.30.jpg

After that it was a simple mater of wetting out the entire surface and the nicely sanded sheet of fiberglass and then mixing up a big batch of thickened epoxy.

I then weighed it all down squeezed tight and let everything cure.  Its amazing to have a solid fore-deck again!  I cant wait to grind and fiberglass it all together!

2015-12-07 14.09.45.jpg



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