Hatches Coming Along

The work on the hatches is slow and painful.  Cleaning up the aluminum has been a not-so-fun job but its very necessary.  The good news is that our acrylic arrived and its perfect!

2015-11-06 18.36.17

The one thing that still needed to be done was the rounding of each of the four corners to exactly match the old acrylic and fit into the hatch frame.  I was slightly unsure of this job because I have never cut corners on acrylic before.  We don’t have a router but we do have the router kit for the Dremel tool so that is what I decided to go with.

2015-11-07 15.58.59

First I traced the old acrylic onto the new acrylic to get an exact match.

2015-11-08 14.32.32

The Dremel did the job and I was once again thankful to have this little tool around.  I’m sure we could have gotten a slightly more perfect result with a proper router but I was impressed with the Dremel none the less.

2015-11-08 15.48.28 2015-11-08 15.49.38

2015-11-09 09.41.31

I then cleaned the frame with Bar Keepers Friend and a toothbrush.

2015-11-09 10.33.20

Then I cleaned it again with a wire brush.

2015-11-09 11.29.43

I then cleaned it again with Acetone using a punch wrapped in a towel for pressure to get down into the tight grooves.

2015-11-09 15.08.22

After all the aluminum was cleaned I masked the frame with artists tape and cut the brown paper protectant on the acrylic as a mask for the acrylic.  We are now ready for the bedding but all my caulk guns are on the boats!!!  Hopefully I will be able to lay the sealant sometime within the next few days.

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