Still Painting Lockers

Erin has been plugging away at the lockers for almost three months now!! Shes been doing a lot of other things of course but there are a TON of lockers on the A37.  Almost 40 from memory though don’t quote me on that number, I didn’t actually count yet.  We will get to that later when we start putting stuff in them and create a “where is this” diagram.

Our lovely craft spent most of her life in the northern latitudes where it can be quite cold.  As a result the entire boat was insulated with foam.  Behind that foam the poor paint was dying, probably from condensation, so that we have quite the mess on our hands now.  Erin is diligently sanding all the old paint chips away, cleaning up all the fiberglass, and painting each locker with white alkyd enamel paint.   I try to throw a coat on here and there as well since I make it out to the boat much more than Erin is able to.  Shes made it all the way up to the forepeak and is very close to finishing all the lockers!  They are looking quite good!

One thing I have not mentioned about this alkyd paint I keep talking about is that for the most part, a good alkyd enamel is a good alkyd enamel and you can buy one with the words “marine” on it for $30 a quart or you can get four times the paint and buy a gallon of it from a hardware store for $30.  I didn’t like my selection at the hardware store becuase they dont sell oil based products anymore for some reason so I took it a step further and bought an oil based alkyd enamel paint for $20 a gallon online at Amazon!  The gallon has lasted us through 4 coats of paint in all of the lockers!  You can’t beat giving every locker on your boat four coats of new paint for $20.   If you can, please let me know how and I will sign on 😉

We are using the “marine” quality paint for our headliner and fiberglass pan to try to match the original off white and because it has better leveling qualities.  I will outline the specifics of that project in another post.

2015-10-12 11.59.27 2015-10-05 14.29.20

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