Our Winter Cover

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this much but maybe you could already tell, we don’t exactly have a lot of funds to throw around and we are super cost conscious.  So far the only thing we have not bought on sale has been epoxy and a couple items for the head refit.  No joke, almost everything we’ve purchased for our refit thus far was either on sale, on clearance, had a free shipping deal, or a combination of the above!  The money saved adds up fast and is funneled into new things on sale to buy for the various projects we keep going.

A major concern was how we were going to keep the deck dry while we re-core.  We explored shrink wrap, rolled plastic, PVC pipe supports, 2X4’s, metal rod, anything and everything we could think of.  No matter what it was going to cost hundreds of dollars that we don’t have.  😦

One day while cruising the Clearance section of Defender we came upon a 60 ft X 40 ft blue tarp for the amazing price of $18!!  You know we bought that gigantic tarp right up!  Its far too big but that’s ok, we are sailors, we’ve got lots of line and can tie knots! haha.  I (Ryan) am also a professional photographer and used to play the drum’s quite seriously so I have TONS of tripods and stands.   You can see where this is going I’m sure.  Here are the pictures:

2015-10-12 11.27.14 HDR

2015-10-12 14.57.36 HDR

2015-10-12 14.55.07 HDR

Not exactly the most professional winter cover but you know what, we only spent $18 🙂

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