The Head is Finished!!

After countless hours of work we have just wrapped up the complete refit of our marine sanitation system.  While the progress was not always as smooth as I like things to be I do believe it turned out to be a fantastic system.  We replaced the head its self, all of the hose, the three seacocks, the holding tank, all of the fittings, and added a discharge pump.  We have the option to direct pump overboard or pump to the holding tank and from the holding tank we have the option to pump out at a pumping station via the port deck or pump out ourselves using the discharge pump.  I do love all these options!

What I love even more is having the head all put back together with a fresh coat of paint and some freshly sanded and oiled hardwoods.

DSC_4685 2015-09-27 16.20.22

The y valve for deciding whether to pump overboard or pump to the holding tank is just behind the top right locker door, the Sealand discharge pump is just behind the bottom door for easy maintenance.  All three seacocks are easily accessible through the door just off the bottom right hand frame of the pictures above.  All of the hoses are protected at any area that they could encounter possible chafe with large diameter hose cuffs.

2015-09-28 10.46.312015-09-27 16.17.06

In case your wondering where the most used part of this system is – the throne its self – I am waiting to install it because I intend on using this pretty little room as parts storage for the rest of the refit.

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