Our Hanging Locker is Complete!

Things have been a bit crazy for me (Ryan) lately.  I have had several major situations that needed my immediate attention at work over the last few weeks.  Add to that an employee who went missing and another employee out sick and its been quite the time.  I’ve still made time to work on the boat but have not had a single ounce of energy for the blog 😦

Hopefully that will change now that things are calming down!  We are about to start a major project, so progress will be a bit slower but hopefully still interesting 🙂

I have finished up a couple big projects in the last week, one of which is our hanging locker!  Who knew it would take so long but then again, I look back at the pictures and I see it was in pretty bad shape:


Ahh! So scary! and smelly!!!

But now….. TA DAAA!!!

2015-10-02 11.51.51 2015-10-02 11.52.05

If you weren’t following the progress, you can catch all the work that went into making the locker in our posts Hanging Locker Update and Grinding Down to Build Up.  

The only thing not covered in those posts are the pretty little teak fiddles.  To make these I cut down a teak batten to the correct size for all four fiddles.  The lower ones are screwed into place and covered with teak bungs, the upper ones sit in two little hand carved teak U’s and slide in and out vertically.

The transformation has been immensely rewarding and I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

8 thoughts on “Our Hanging Locker is Complete!

  1. We’ve moved our boat into a building at the boat yard ( unheated, but dry ) Everything is off the deck, all the opening ports are out and we’ve cut open the headliner around the hatches (as you have) Our aluminum opening ports are 1973 vintage and were in pretty rough shape. We purchased Newfound Metal stainless ports and will be installing those after the cabin top is re-gelcoated and the headliner is refinished and painted. We are considering framing out the interior hatch openings with teak trim. Hope you post pictures when you repair the hatch openings in the headliner. It’s a little scary to see our boat deconstruct, especially after we sailed it home last summer, but it will all be worth it !

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    1. Great idea about the teak trim around the hatches!!! I may just have to steal that idea myself!! haha. I will try to post an update on this part of the project within the next couple days! Its been a true mess of a job but not too hard, just kinda nasty. Sounds like your making some great progress!! I’m jealous about the new Newfound Metal stainless ports!!

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