Couple’s Portrait

I did have to work on Labor Day, but I snuck away after lunch to meet Ryan in Monroe to work on the boat. I sanded, cleaned and oiled the teak below the port settee. I took the below picture when I was finished. The dark-colored drawer is how all the teak looked before. Quite the transformation!


There is a cabinet under the settee, so I had to remove the door before I could start sanding. I also removed all the hardware to get it out of the way when I go to work on the door. I thought the spacers looked like little faces, so I used them to make a portrait of me and Ryan.

IMG_2493Aren’t we cute? Clearly, Ryan is fiberglassing and I am sanding a cabinet door.

Fun fact: the word for the the tendency to see faces in inanimate objects (really, to perceive visual or auditory patterns where none exist) is pareidolia.

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