Help Requested

Alberg 37 owners and sailboat enthusiasts, I have been mulling over a certain structural seam on the boat for a while now and need your help.  Please look at the seam on the main bulkhead below.  The bulkhead is fastened to the headliner at the top but it is not joined to the hull.  The other bulkhead on the starboard side is fiberglassed to the hull as well as fastened to the headliner.

Can any A37 owners tell me if their bulkhead is also “free” like this on the port side?  What I have been thinking about doing is fiberglassing over the seam on both sides.  Its all hidden behind cabinetry so it doesn’t even have to look nice, I just want to make sure its strong.  However, I don’t want to give the structure too much rigidity in an area where it wasn’t designed.  If other A37s are like this I will just leave it alone, I’ve just always thought of bulkheads as being attached to the hull!

2015-09-04 18.30.38 2015-09-04 18.31.28 2015-09-04 18.32.10

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