Tool of the Week: Sonicrafter Multi tool


This is the Rockwell Sonicrafter Universal fit Oscillating Multi-tool.  I got mine from Amazon for about $100 with a hard carrying case and a set of different tools that fit onto it.  I put a lot of research into this purchase and almost went with the Ridgid Oscillating Multi-tool.  The Sonicrafter was cheaper and had better reviews and I am more than satisfied with my purchase.

The tool reaches into smaller spaces for sanding, cuts bolts off flush, scrapes, grinds, cuts, you name it… The way that I think about it is that it is my “medium space” tool.  The big tools are for big spaces, this tool is for all medium spaces, and a dremel tool gets into the tightest of spaces.  What is great about the Sonicrafter is it does big tool work – this thing is powerful!  It has adjustable speeds, very easily replaceable heads, and isn’t too heavy.  Recently I cut a round hole straight through a fiberglass deck that was over an inch thick! That’s two solid fiberglass skins and wood core that the Sonicrafter vibrated right through.  Really incredible.   The sanding function is so efficient that we were able to sand down an entire layer of fiberglass on our Catalina’s deck to rebuild the mast step.

I was skeptical of these tools at first but I’m really glad we have one, I use it all the time.

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