Tool of the Week: Cheap Rigging Knife


This is the Maxam Sailors Multi-tool and it is available for an amazing $7.31 on Amazon.  I have bought at least five over the last couple years because its easier to buy a new one that find the old one in one of the many places it could have last been used.  These are made of stainless steel and so far none of mine have shown any signs of rust or corrosion.  They are surprisingly durable, sharp, and useful.  The marlin spike is sharp which was unexpected but lends its self well to many applications.  To give you a sense of how well this little guy is made – I use them to cut through double wire helix marine exhaust hose because its easier than using one of my power tools or a saw.   I also really enjoy the ruler.  While its not exactly the best ruler, it is very handy and has both American and Metric.  The knife has a bottle opener which gets no use from me and a shackle key that is OK.  What I like the most is the price.  I always have a knife on me, at work I keep a high quality Buck Knife on my belt and use it all day but when I’m not at work I don’t like wearing a belt so having these little knives all over the place works just as well and ends up being cheaper than the buck knife!

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